Friday, February 27, 2009

Shutdown Suite can make programs prompt you to save your unsaved work before shutting down


ShutDown Suite combines small freeware applications that allows you shut down, reboot your computer or log off from your user account.


Shutdown Suite is a bunch of small applications that will allow you to quickly logoff, reboot and shutdown Windows, you can use either a force method or safe method. The force method will instantly logoff or shutdown Windows while the safe method will make programs with unsaved data to prompt you to save your work before shutting down which is pretty useful.While Shutdown Suite has an installer and a non-installer version i found the installing version to be not worth it since you have to install 3 separate programs for login in, rebooting and shutting down which can clutters things in your system tray. The no-install version is much better since you only have a single exe for each procedure that you want which is pretty nice since you can easily make shortcuts for the shutdown method that you want.
In conclusion Shutdown Suite is pretty good just be sure to remember to not use the installer version oh and if you want another shutting down program similar to this one try EasyShutdown.

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