Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fit more MP3s into your Mp3 player with MP3 Quality Modifier


The main purpose is to change the bitrate of your mp3 music collection in a really simple but intuitive way so that the filesize can be dramatically reduced while the audio quality stays the same. With this advantage it's possible to put more music on your mp3-player or just to save some disk space.

  • change mp3 quality with just a few clicks
  • really easy and intuitive interface
  • retain common id3 tags (like title, artist etc.), original file date
  • advanced options: detailed variable bitrate mode, sample frequency and so on
  • concluding quality comparison: compare created files with original
  • portable: extremely small, just one executable, no installation


If you have a portable MP3 player that has a small storage capacity then you might wanna give MP3 Quality Modifier a chance. This portable program will process your MP3s in order to reduce their size while attempting to keep their audio quality, you can do this using several quality presets that range from very low quality to pretty good or by just adjusting the available options yourself. By using MP3 Quality Modifier you can reduce your MP3s size between 30 to 70% while maintaining a decent quality even on the lowest settings, also the output files will retain their tags which is pretty good.
In conclusion i think that if you want to fit more songs into your portable media player then you must definitely give MP3 Quality Modifier a chance. Available for all Windows versions.

Get it at http://www.inspire-soft.net/?nav=soft_mp3qualitymodifier

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Patelbros said...

This posting for portable players is just outstanding with it i just have solved the problem of more songs within limited space. Thnx